Olive Gets a Home

“Hey, that’s Olive,” Riley Patton said when he saw her. “She was on TV this morning.”

Lisa Patton and her son, Riley, just moved back to the U.S. after living overseas for 20 years.

“We wanted a dog to kind of help us settle in,” Lisa said. “My son is in high school, and I’m a teacher. And we both just wanted to have somebody that would, I don’t know, to welcome us home.”

On what would’ve been Betty White’s 100th birthday, NBC 5 visited the Anti-Cruelty Society to talk about the Betty White Challenge.

There, we met and featured “Golden Good Girl,” a senior dog named Olive.

The Patton family, in the market to adopt a dog, saw the story prompting them to make an appointment at the Anti-Cruelty Society later that day.

They met another dog but knew it wasn’t a good fit.

The adoption coordinator suggested Olive.

“Hey, that’s Olive,” Riley Patton said when he saw her. “She was on TV this morning.”

“She came over to the gate and then we spent some time with her and that was it,” Lisa said. “It was true love between certainly my son and Olive.”

As a puppy, Olive was an Anti-Cruelty Society dog who found a home when she was just three months.

Adoption Experience Director Sarah Hayes with the Anti-Cruelty Society said, “six months later she was returned,” adding that “sometimes puppies can be a lot to handle.”

Olive was only there for a couple of more days before she was taken home. She stayed there for the next eight years.

This past December, her current owner had come into severe hardship due to an illness. Olive was brought back to the ACS knowing she would be safe.

“Obviously, we take our animals back, no matter their age, at any point in their life,” Sarah Hayes explained. “So she came back to us. She was a staff favorite. Everyone loved her.”

Riley Patton worked with the SPCA when the family lived in Zimbabwe. It was that experience that inspired the Pattons to adopt.

“We were all set for like a big transition and you know she came in, found her spot on the couch hopped up, and went sound asleep,” Lisa Patton told NBC5.

Although nine years old, the family says Olive has a puppy-like energy in her when she plays. Walks have been a joy for the family.

“She’s an amazingly well-trained dog,” Lisa said. “She’s able to tell us when she’s hungry. She’s able to tell us when she needs to go out. She loves to go on walks. We’ve been around the block several times and she’s enjoyed that.”

Olive is described as a dog who is “curious about everything, but pretty zen.”

The Betty White Challenge asked fans of the famed actor to donate $5 to a local animal shelter in White’s name.

Because of the trend, area shelters brought in tens of thousands of dollars. According to a spokesperson, the Anti-Cruelty Society brought in $57,000 on that day.

“When we first met olive, we had planned on changing her name actually to Betty,” Lisa said explaining that Olive “kinda looked like a Betty.”

The Pattons decided to keep her name, but along with giving her a new home to live her golden years, they gave her a new middle name.

Olive BETTY Patton.


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