Lossano and Friends Season 2 is Coming!

Source: Lossano and Friends!

And the fun is getting ready to begin Saturday, October 3rd, 2015 as I join the cast of Lossano and Friends!

Every Saturday, Tony Lossano, his friends, and hand-picked special guests sit down  in front of some microphones and have casual, comedic conversations in the back corner of the National Radio Hall of Fame floor within the Museum of Broadcast Communications in downtown Chicago.

The first season of Lossano and Friends became a huge success in Chicago, featuring media personalities and professionals from the third largest market for the industry.

This season, the cast includes the creator, Tony Lossano, a seasoned Chicago television and radio producer and personality that knows just about every single person that works in the media industry in Chicago. Seated next to him as co-host is the young, talented and incredibly stunning, Evie Olson.

Other weekly personalities on the show include:

Jen DeSalvoSegment Host
Chris Cwiak, Engineer
Dave Heaster, Segment Producer
Ann Sheehan, Video Host
Allen Rubin, Announcer
Malrie Sonier, Photographer

By Saturday evening of each week, a new episode will be available online at www.LOSSANO.com.Schedule to appear during the premiere month of October; Rob Johnson “CBS-TV,” Eddie Volkman “Eddie V’s Road Show,” LeeAnn Trotter “NBC-TV,” Doug Sohn “The (UNTITLED) Hour,” Steve Gadlin “Steve Gadlin’s Star Makers,” and many more.

While waiting for season two, all of the season one recordings can be heard at the Lossano and Friends Stitcher page, or on iTunes.
Lossano and Friends is part of the Radio Misfits Podcast Network, which also features Eddie V’s Roadshow, the recent project of former B96 jock, Eddie Volkman.
Lossano and Friends Sept 26 2015 021 (Large)

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