Eyes to the Sky for this Weekend’s Super Moon

Source: Eyes to the Sky for this Weekend’s Super Moon | written for 89 WLS-AM

Eyes to the Sky for this Weekend’s Super Moon
Posted on September 25, 2015
By Jen DeSalvo, 89 WLS-AM

(CHICAGO) All eyes to the sky late this Sunday evening (September 27th) as not only Chicago area residents can view a lunar eclipse, but that of a “super moon.”

Unlike a solar eclipse which can cause major harm to the human eye, this super moon eclipse, or blood moon as it has been referred to among others, will be visible from 8 p.m. CST to 11 p.m.

“You can absolutely look at it with your naked eye,” Master Educator at the Alder Planetarium, Michelle Nichols told John Howell on Friday’s show.

The total lunar coverage will be just over one hour in the middle of that time frame.

Nichols also explains that the term “blood moon” is not a scientific term and has to do with “doomsday” prophecies from various conspiracy sources. She states that, “it does not look like blood, nor will it turn red.”

The “super moon” delegation comes from the fact that the moon will be at its closest point to earth throughout the entire year, therefore, according to Nichols, it will look 15 percent brighter.

Nichols also assured John Howell that not only will rural residents be able to see the eclipse, but city-dwellers should see this clearly provided there is no cloud coverage.

Although there will be more chances to see a lunar eclipse over the next few years, the next super moon Lunar Eclipse will not happen again until 2033.


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