The Turmeric Trick

I realized recently that maybe I do know a thing or two about this distance running thing.

I mean, I’ve been participating in marathons and ultra marathons for eight years now, never taking a season off. I’ve fundraised thousands of dollars for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Team In Training program to find a cure for blood cancer through six marathons and some cycle rides. Then add the 20+ ultra marathons of 31+ miles, including the recent 100-mile ultra that I completed a few months ago.

I mean, that’s finally an established resume (considering on many days I still don’t even feel like a “real runner”). Maybe it is time to start actually sharing the things that work for me? Maybe they will work for you too?

Let’s begin with inflammation and recovery.

If I get a headache, toothache, anything just normal, I tend to never take Tylenol, Aleve or any type of pain killer. In my early years of running, I would take some ibuprofen after a run or Tylenol Extra Strength during a run. Reason being is that ibuprofen will strain your organs more than Tylenol will during strenuous activity, therefore causing internal bleeding, and I don’t think I need to say “that’s not good,” but that’s not good. I’m always interested in ways to try and fix the issues naturally, and that is where Turmeric comes in!

Turmeric is a root plant that is part of the ginger family and used in many dishes worldwide.

Photo from:
Photo from:

There are a great deal of ailments that Turmeric is said to help with, including inflammation from activity such as distance running.

Graphic from
Graphic from

Cancer prevention, arthritis relief, diabetes control and weight loss are just a short list of the effects said to come from the use of Turmeric.

Click on this photo for the full article

The great thing is that it can be picked up at Trader Joe’s for only $1.99! Add it to eggs each morning or make a warm tea at night!
Trader Joe’s Turmeric

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