The Road to 100 Miles; the 70-Mile Final Weeks

My two final training weekends had 30 mile Saturdays with 20 miles Sundays. I had altered the plan a little to do 31.1 mile 50ks on Saturdays with another set of runs on Sunday.


The first Saturday, my dog, Eve, beau, Don, and I walked an additional 3.5 miles after the 50k. The 31.4 miles was strategic due to the date being 03/14/15, or “Pi Day.” I just moved the decimal for my target mileage, and would not allow myself pie unless I ran pi multiplied by 10. I got pie.


That following Sunday, I did a couple of “recovery” miles with the dog, then went out for a pretty incredibly speedy run for my legs.

Midweeks have been quite large also. Eight, ten, 20…lots of fun and warm miles throughout the week. Two of the runs I was able to visit my teacher beau with his students on field trips to the Shedd Aquarium and Lincoln Park Zoo.


The second week I had entered into and ran my seventh Lakefront 50k as a training run, though blew my expectations away with a personal record time by 11 minutes! It didn’t feel nearly as difficult as in past starts even though the 25mph headwind for 15 miles of the race was an incredible obstacle.


My mother has always been my biggest fan, and loves to cheer for all of the runners at this race. She’s probably the most fun spectator.


I thought that using the Lakefront 50k would be a great opportunity to practice my nutrition plan. The things that I have been eating and drinking on training runs about every hour would have been ideal, but yeah…I didn’t really carry any of it. Plus, I don’t remember the last time that I ate a banana during the run, but I somehow ate two during this race. Or yellow Gatorade. Nobody that I know likes yellow Gatorade, but somehow I drank possibly a couple of liters of it.


Needless to say, by the time mile 22 or so came around, I was incredibly nauseous. Now from my experience, this hasn’t happened to me on a day that the temperature is lower than 60°, nor anywhere under 35 miles. This was interesting a new, but it was an amazing learning experience for the long haul.


The training did not stop there. I headed out to a local hill to do repeats (up, over and down…up, over and down…) the following day to “trash the quads.”  Somehow, I didn’t do a good enough job. It didn’t help that the hill I used is basically a speed bump compared to what I am actually going to be climbing in three weeks.

imageIt’s Monday, and I officially start my taper today. This will be interesting. It has been since 2008 though that I have actually closely followed a training plan including that taper. That word, “taper,” has always translated to “lazy” to me. I just really hope that I can recover well, stay the same weight, hydrate, and keep myself on track to finish this 100 mile race in April. It makes it slightly easier that it is snowing again today…off to the couch?



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