The Dog-Gone Truth – Volume 3: Hold On Little Doggy, You’re Not Getting In Here Unless I See Some ID

There are many ways to keep your best friend safe and happy.  Not only limited to your pet’s well-being, there’s a sure way to keep yourself also safe and happy as a pet owner, especially if you live in the city of Chicago.  Many people don’t even realize that to own a dog in Chicago, you are supposed to have a license for him or her.  Yes, just like we have a driver’s license, state ID or passport, you’re pup requires one also.  Oftentimes we hear of police doing “spot checks” where they may stop you just to make sure that you are driving with the proper identification.  Or what if you try to go into an establishment that is 21 and over?  You will for sure be asked for a form of identification regardless how mature or young that you look.

The same thing can happen while walking your dog, bringing them to a city dog park, or hanging out at the beach.  Just like you can get a ticket for driving without a valid driver’s license, or maybe not get into a bar if you forget that ID, your furry friend can be ticketed for not having his license or not allowed onto the dog beach if she doesn’t have her ID on her collar.

Here is what the sticker looks like that you will put on the back of your pet’s rabies tag.

It’s fairly simple actually to get a license for your dog, and it an unbelievable $5 per year to make sure that your pet is a welcomed citizen of the city of Chicago.  That is, if you make sure to follow that all-important piece of advice to get your dog spayed or neutered.  If he or she is not fixed, then the cost per year is a whopping $50.  If you visit the Dog Registration page on the city’s website, it’s a simple process where all you have to do is provide your own and your best friend’s information.  It is also important to know that you need a current rabies verification tag and number.

Rabies vaccinations come in two types; the one-year shot and a three-year rabies shot.  Your personal veternarian is able to take care of this, though if you need financial assitance, you can contact PAWS Chicago, where they have a clinic that will give low-cost vaccinations.  Remember, proper pet care comes in all sorts of shapes and forms, so be a responsible pet owner, and follow the rules.  They aren’t too hard at all!


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