The Dog-Gone Truth! Volume 2: Do Doggies Really Paddle?

The morning of July 19th (while I was actually writing the volume 1 version of The Dog-Gone Truth), there was a great segment on WGN Midday News Chicago called the Dog Days of Summer.  I was going to touch base on some of the important things that my dog, Eve, has for the summer months in the first post, but after seeing this segment, I saw that it had just been done!

There was a pet specialist that was interviewed, and the first thing that she said was that “the fact that all dogs can swim is a myth!”  My ears immediately were open, since I am very familiar with this.  I constantly joke that my dog and I both swim the same way; we both “doggie paddle.”  That’s a huge lie.  In fact, I doggie paddle, and Eve just sinks.  It wasn’t until a couple of years ago that Eve found out that she didn’t have to sink nor swim when I bought her a doggie life jacket.  Instead of dressing her up in some weird dog bikini (since she would need like four tops to cover her nine–woohoo), I bought her a cute pink and white polka-dotted life-vest so that she can float while still working her legs in the water.

Not all dogs CAN swim, and Eve the Pit Bull is one of them!

As much as I love to take Eve running with me, it has been so hot lately that she only gets about four-15 minute walks per day!  I feel like I am completely neglecting her from her usual two to three-mile jaunt that she loves so much, but it is so important to keep her safe so she will still be able to run when the weather breaks.  I still have yet to buy a one, though the KoolCollar is the perfect investment for walking or running your dog in this massive heat.  You fill the collar with ice, and it cools the dog from the neck down.  My only question is can I get away with wearing one too?

Always make sure that there is plenty of water accessible for your dog.

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