Run Across Illinois: Ultrarunners Using Their Special Powers for Good

Here is an example of something that some very strong and amazing friends of mine are doing to enjoy the ride while literally taking long strides to help fight childhood obesity. This blog discusses how many Chicago Public Schools do not have a recess during their school day, which is significantly contributing to inactivity in young children. Since one in every three Americans is now obese, fitness is an important subject to teach young children who are being bombarded with more and more processed product advertising on a daily basis. Chicago Run is an organization that is trying to put health and fitness programs back into elementary schools so that these kids can learn early how to take care of their bodies to prevent significant health problems in both their near and distant futures.  -TrafficJamJen

As my summer of ultras continues, I find myself wearing a bigger and brighter grin.  With inspiration being as bountiful as the sun, I shouldn’t be surprised that I found yet another motivating group of inspiring people doing extraordinary things for the betterment of the universe.

The particular corner of the universe I am most interested in is my home: the city of Chicago.  And when I found out that, due to budgetary cuts and limited public resources, most of Chicago’s elementary schools do not have recess (YES, you read that sentence correctly), I found myself getting angry at the passiveness of my peers who deem activity to be of little importance to the development of our youth.

NO RECESS?!?!  HUH!?!?!

But there is something I can do about it.  Enter, Chicago Run and the Chicago area ultrarunning community.  Chicago Run’s mission is to work with elementary schools implementing running programs…

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