Sun Protection Gear – Long Sleeves

Let’s talk about LONG SLEEVES in the summer.

Having gone through four bottles of sunblock since May, I can say…there is nothing more annoying than having to stop at mile 20 to reapply when you are on a roll.

When I was young, I didn’t take skin health seriously enough. It took a scare a couple of years back with an abnormal spot to really wake up.

I’ve decided that running in long sleeves in the summer hurts a lot less than having potential cancer cut out of your skin.

Here are some great active tops that keep me going:

Solar Chill LS

What I am wearing here is the Columbia Women’s Solar Chill 2.0 Long Sleeve Shirt. It has little reflective dots to deflect the sun away.

PFG Zero

The next photo is the Columbia Women’s PFG Zero Long Sleeve Shirt with cooling technology that actives when you sweat!

Irico LS

Finally, my absolute FAVORITE is the lightweight Women’s Irico Long Sleeve Shirt. This also has Omni- Freeze Zero tech that react with sweat to make you feel cooler.

I can honestly say that I am cooler on sunny days than in a tank top!

I’m not a Columbia Sportswear spokesperson. I can get a little crazy over new gear when I find something that jives. Was eager to share these finds!


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