Old Post Office Has a New Look

The Old Post Office Has a New Look

It is the Largest post office ever built and currently the largest redevelopment project in the nation.

Chicago’s Old Post Office closed just over two decades ago in 1997.

It’s been more than three years of hard work and dedication with over thousands involved in the renovations since May of 2016.

The $800 million renovation has transformed the two point five million square foot area into attractive new office spaces for a variety of corporations such as
Walgreens, Uber Technologies, and Ferrara Candy. Cisco and PepsiCo have already also signed on as tenants.

Some of the new features include a 28,000 square foot fitness center, and a cafe for tenants to grab coffee in the morning or lunch during the day.

The Old Post Office is officially opens on November 1st with a total of 12,000-14,000 employees expected by the time all of the space is filled.

Much of what you are seeing is part of Ferrara Candy Company’s newly built 77,000 square feet of space.

Yet to come in the space which are some things that we haven’t seen includes a food hall, an outdoor space in the northeast plaza, and a 4-acre rooftop park with basketball courts, a half-mile running track and green space.


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