There’s No Rush Hour Anymore

Rush hour is no longer a thing — because Chicago’s traffic is just bad all of the time.

Jen DeSalvo for WGN AM 720 News

Sitting in a traffic jam is costing Chicago commuters three days per year according to a study released by the Texas A & M Transportation Institute.

Residents are spending 73 hours sitting in traffic — which is up from 31 hours in 1982. Part of that is due to more people in the workforce.

The study also noted that the term “rush hour” is becoming archaic as a third of travel delays happen during the midday and overnight hours.

The good news is that an expressway trip with congestion in Chicago only takes twice as long than it would without traffic.

In Los Angeles, it’s almost three times as long as it would take to traverse area roadways without any traffic.

The study also figured that each auto commuter loses $1,310 per year to congestion.

Source: Chicago Tribune – Study finds ‘rush hour’ term out-of-date because traffic’s now bad all the time. Gridlock costs Chicagoans 3 days per year.


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