Lollapalooza 2019 – Day Two

Patrons waited outside of the Lollapalooza gates on Friday to be the first to the stage.

It’s day two of Lollapalooza in Grant Park with dozens of more bands hitting the stage in just moments.

The weather on day one was perfect, and according to early reports, the crowd was mellow.

Today…many lining up early to get a great spot in front of the main stages.

Numbers from day one per the Office of Emergency Management and Communications include 10 arrests, one ordinance violation, and 21 ambulance transports (which about half of which were alcohol related).

Streets are closed all throughout Grant Park with the rolling closures on Michigan and Monroe after the event to help the crowds disburse.

Those won’t reopen until late Monday.

The barriers keep people out…but do they also keep people inside of the fest?
Learn what “barricading” is.

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