November is Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Awareness Month

Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) is a chronic pain condition that usually appears after an injury or trauma.

Some of the symptoms include:

-Severe burning
-Altered structure of bone and skin
-Excessive sweating

People who suffer from CRPS even explain that a simple shower has the sensation of being poked with a million pins. Oftentimes, it is even painful to be touched by a significant other.

Up to 200,000 people in the US suffer from this, including my best friend from college, Eric. Shortly after college, he was in a horrible accident which resulted in a number of surgeries, the threat of permanent paralysis, and the diagnosis of CRPS.

Fire and Ice awareness bracelets
Fire and Ice Awareness Para-cord Survival Bracelets that Eric made!

Fire and Ice is a way that CRPS pain is described by those afflicted. It can be a deep, aching cold to a burning sensation.

Here is a link to a recent NWI Times article of a CRPS fundraiser.



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  1. A video I made last year for CRPS Awareness Month –


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