Enjoy the Ride; The Road to 100 Miles – Week 1 Recap

Here’s just a few highlights from runs throughout the first week of #100MileTraining!

Mommy and Evie 100 Mile Day 1

evie day 2evie day 3

Day 1 – I took Eve out with me for the first 3 days to run the first couple of miles with me. It was a great to have that back with her (I used to run with her ALL of the time until she started getting arthritis).

Day 3 – Riverview Amusement Park ruins

Day 3 – Riverview Amusement Park ruins
I ran along the river between Addison and Belmont, and noticed a “Bike Park” with mini hills for a BMX track. I decided to start running up and down them, until I realized that they were actually the old foundations from the Riverview Amusement Park!

Riverview Amusement Park
The BMX bike track, or rather, the concrete foundations of the old Riverview Amusement Park.

Day 7 – Flatlander Ultrarunners’ Salchicha Fat Ass

Ultra Ladies
Trying to catch a “groupie” jump pic. Failed.

What the hell are those stairs
“Oh, THOSE are the stairs they are always talking about…no, no we didn’t accidentally go off-course, do them & have to back track.”

salchicha jump fail
Groupie jump pic fail #2

Total Weekly Mileage: 58 Miles

Total Evie Mileage: 10 Miles

Jen Julie
Julie and I enjoying an AWESOME day at Swallow Cliffs in Palos.
Active link salchicha
Weight Watchers Activity Points for the Salchicha Forty Fatass

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