Daisy the Cardigan Welsh Corgi

Daisy’s favorite pastime is hanging out in her front yard on the corner lot across from an elementary school greeting children before and after instruction hours.

During 2020, she has still been able to see some of her neighborhood friends. It’s a gratifying transaction for both Daisy and the children who live nearby.

Tricks I Know
OkayWoofSettle Down
Go AroundWith MePaw (Left/Right)
High FiveTargetBring It
SMASH (bell)Go to BedClimb
BowGo Get Your BallGo Get Your Toy
Weave (Polls)Go Say HIOff
Give ItHugWhich (Find It)
OffNose/Kiss/BoopCheck In
FreeLeave ItOut
Find Mom/DadShhhGo Lay Down

Daisy is an AKC registered Blue Merle Cardigan Welsh Corgi. Born on August 16, 2018, Daisy has learned much in her first two years. She currently understands 48 commands. She is a certified AKC Canine Good Citizen (2019), and she earned both her Beginner and Intermediate AKC Trick Dog titles in early 2020.

Daisy is non-aggressive, and alters her behavior based on the personality of the humans and animals she is interacting with.

Once the pandemic is over, Daisy hopes to finish her training to become a certified therapy dog, working with humans of all ages.


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