Grandpa Bob Azzaline

As soon as I woke up for work this morning (around 3:15 a.m.), I found out that my grandpa passed away.

Grandpa Bob was pretty much my second dad, and I was incredibly close to him. He was always so neat and interesting.

A lifelong Boy Scout, grandpa would set up a tent in his backyard and we would go on “camping trips.” He had a long-term membership to Brookfield Zoo specifically to take me to see the animals quite frequently. He was like Dr. Doolittle, always talking to the animals.

My dogs loved him. They were obedient toward him, but always found him first to show their affection. He just had a way with animals. I’m pretty sure all of the compassion I have for pets is because of his example.

He was born on a farm in Centerville, Iowa, and number ten of 12 children. Despite having the heart of a farm boy, he spent his entire adult life on the southwest side of Chicago with grams.gram gramp

One of my first words was “Crappa,” because I couldn’t say “grandpa.” For the rest of my life, he was “Crappa” to me, and he to himself whenever I was around.

You know, I have always looked up to him. I always said that I hoped to marry a man like my grandpa. He was so kind to everyone, including his wife and family. There wasn’t a person out there who did not like him, and even my friends and cousins on the other side of my family loved him like a grandpa.

family pic

When I was in my final year of college, I lived with him and grandma. Every night they left me a plate, even though I told them not to. Every laundry day, he would do my clothes, although again I would tell him not to (because, c’mon gramps! Washing my underroos is embarrasing).

He was awesome at Bingo. He’d help cover my card after doing his so I didn’t get behind by the next number that was called. He also called Bingo, and that was really, really cool.

I eat Scrod at the VFW fish fry because he’d always order it. Baseball in the backyard. My first puff of a Swisher Sweet. My introduction to amaretto as a *wink* cough syrup. The blanket that I sleep under every night was bought by him at a craft show after saying, “Jenny would really like this!”


Grandpa Bob had been suffering from dementia for maybe the past five years, but every single day as grandma would listen to us he would say, “is that Jen on the radio?”

Crappa Bob you were a great man. You lived a life to be incredibly proud of. I am so thankful to have had you in my life as long as I did. Many kids don’t get so lucky to really know their grandparents into their adulthood.

I may not be able to talk to you in person or see your face any more, but in my heart and soul, you will never be gone.

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Foran Funeral Home
7300 W. Archer Ave.
Summit, IL 60501
Tuesday, March 22nd
3:00-8:00 pm

Funeral Mass
St. Joseph Church
Wednesday, March 23rd

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