Giving It All Up

No, no. That is not what I am giving up. Geesh. Dirty minds everywhere. This is a Lent post. It’s about what I am giving up for Lent. Okay, back to the point…

Guess I will accept that I am guilty of click-bait, though the vulnerability of putting this out there can make a person feel exposed.

Over the years, I have grown SO MUCH by using the observance of Lent to change behaviors. I’ve lost weight and changed other habits that weren’t so kind to my body.

In the past decade I have transformed into an ultrarunner (running race distances of 31 miles or more), quit drinking alcohol, and moved to a more conscious manner of eating.

But I can’t get rid of the sugar. I am dependent on it. I fully believe the only way to break it is through total abstinence, therefore I am going to *attempt* the Whole30 plan for the 40-day and night duration of Lent.


You can follow me here on this blog as I periodically update how things are going. I hope to do this pretty closely to plan. I understand that I am not perfect, so I strive for progress to be better at this “no-added-sugar” thing.

If you’ve done this before, share your blog/Instagram/FB Page/Twitter/etc… in the comments below!

I would also love any shared recipes!

Here we go…


  1. I did my first Whole30 back in July last year. I’m now doing my third right now! It’s hard at first, but it’s sooooo worth it!! I am terribly, terribly addicted to sugar, and 30 days of abstinence from it (and other foods that trigger my “sugar dragon”) is literally the only way I’ve been able to gain control.

    I’ve posted a few recipes on my blog, and hope to post more eventually, but honestly – I’m not commenting just to drum up new followers. I only blog to share my experience. 🙂

    Good luck!!


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