The Jender Difference – Women Don’t Dress Up for Men (Anymore)

After episode six wrapped of this season of Lossano and Friends, the crew was hanging out while Tony finished production to get the audio up online.

We were recalling the Jender Difference topic during that episode, which was whether or not we each liked being approached in public, Dave all of a sudden says,

“What is it with women…they don’t ever dress up for men anymore, they dress up for each other!”

Although I have heard that many times before, I haven’t really dug too deeply into my thoughts on this subject.

Morpheus spells it out.
Morpheus spells it out.

But is this true that women don’t primp for a date anymore to impress a man, and instead get ready with the idea that they want to look better than every other woman out there?

Is this a subconscious biological response that we aren’t quite aware of? For example, Charles Darwin had written that there is a “struggle between the individuals of one sex, generally the males, for the possession of the other sex”.

In today’s society, there is less of a courtship of females by males.  Women by far are more educated which creates empowerment, giving them, in my opinion, the confidence and financial security to essentially not settle with the first male that takes them out to dinner. No offense, grandma…grandpa truly is a catch, but things have changed quite a bit from 1950 to 2015!

Though, what about the women who are already attached? The engaged or married, that do not need to attract the most ideal of the opposite sex to mate and create superior offspring with. Are they done trying to dress the part to impress? Is their sole purpose to impress their significant other so that person won’t stray to find another mate he or she finds more attractive or suitable?

This week on the Jender Difference on Lossano and Friends, we’ll talk about it.

I think over the years I, personally, have come to terms with being aware of my behaviors, and calling myself out on them (mostly because I prefer to do it before anyone else can). Heck, when I know I’m a little down and decide to eat a half of a family-sized pepperoni pizza, I claim it by saying, “YES I AM…emotionally eating!” I would like to thank Weight Watchers for the eternal reminder to analyze everything before I put it into my body.

Typically, I would like to believe that I dress for myself, and other times to “look female” for my fiancé. There has been this internal struggle that I have fought for years, possibly decades, that only recently (a few years ago) has been something I have overcome. I mean, it is still a work in progress each an everyday, but I find more of a confidence in just being who I am, no matter what I am wearing.

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Who do you get dressed for when you go out? To work?

Leave your comment or send a message to, and then listen to Lossano and Friends at! We will discuss this Saturday on episode eight of the second season.


Darwin C. 1871. The Descent of Man and selection in relation to sex. John Murray, London.

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