On “Crazy” Runners

This morning, it happened again. The personality filling in for the usual host on the radio show that I am a part of tells me that I am “crazy.”

“Has anyone ever told you that you are nuts? While you are running do you think about how nuts you are?”

The only thing I could think to say was, “nope.” What good does it do?

I remembered Mara’s post from about six months ago, so I wanted to share it again. It’s a great read!

I Run This Mind

Something I’ve often found ironic is when people hear how many miles I’ve run and how many I plan to run, how many marathons and ultramarathons I still want to get under my belt, they often tell me I’m “crazy.”

Sometimes I think:

“If only you knew!”

But in all seriousness, there are two reasons why these kinds of statements irk me.

One: they invalidate the work that I’m doing as a runner. They diminish it.

Now I know, I know, that I “shouldn’t” need the external validation of others to run. And I don’t. But these statements do something else to me.

When I hear that I’m “crazy” for running, I also hear that I shouldn’t be doing it, that it’s a worthless endeavor, that there is something fundamentally wrong with me for pushing through “insane” amounts of miles.

Ah, such is the nature of the depressed mind. I’m…

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