To those outside of America: If the current US presidential election candidates (Obama Vs. Romney) were running in your country who would you vote for and who do you think would win? (Check out the graphs with complete studies)

Answer by Hung Lee:

My fellow Quorans, on this question I feel entirely comfortable in speaking for the rest of the world: It's Obama or any other Democrat, by a landslide.

For us, it's simply incredulous that Romney is even in the running. This is not through of any misplaced loyalty to Obama – we're perfectly aware of his inadequacies over the past 4 years – it's simply that the party that Romney represents would be unelectable if we had a say. This position is true not only of close friends of the US, but also of countries with whom you have more complex relationships. Except for Pakistan, that is. Romney is HUGE in Pakistan.

Check out these graphs from Globescan, which sampled opinion in 21 different countries ranging from close allies (UK, Australia, Canada), occasionally belligerent friends (France), past and future competitors (Japan, China, India), and countries where opinion of the US might at best be ambiguous (Pakistan).

 In every category, in almost every country, Obama beat Romney by a wide margin. 

1. On mean average

2. In every country, except for Pakistan

3. Over time

Of course any sampling is flawed, but it will be backed up by any type of anecdata you care to collect. Speak to non-US quorans here and see what they say. The overwhelming majority – probably similar %ages outlined by these Globescan graphs –  would say the same; it is Obama, because the Republicans have proven incapable of producing viable candidates for leadership of still the most important country in the world

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