A look at an AeroGarden only about 4-6 weeks after beginning to grow herbs.

Here is a great piece on growing your own herbs in an urban setting such as a small apartment.  I invested in the AeroGarden about six years ago, and just adore it for growing herbs quickly and very fruitfully.  They range in price from about $120-$200, so the following article illustrates how one can grow his or her own herbs without that costly investment.


“Growing your own herbs can be quite rewarding. By growing your own herbs, you get the health and taste benefits of having fresh ones, but without paying the high prices of buying them at a grocery store. Plus, many of the herbs you already use regularly are easy to grow right in your apartment. Sweet basil, thyme, cilantro, parsley, mint and others can all be grown using these simple guidelines.”

via Grow Your Own Herbs…Right in Your Chicago Apartment — PPM Apartments Blog.