Green Street at Lollapalooza Teaches Urban Gardening, Farming and Compost Courses

For those of you like me who try to live a more sustainable lifestyle, here’s something pretty neat and interesting that is happening this weekend at Chicago’s largest music festival, Lollapalooza!  Personally, I am quite excited for these green workshops, and look forward to checking them out!

“Compass Green Workshops Take some helpful green tips home with you! Compass Green will be providing workshops at the south end of Green Street each day of Lollapalooza at 1 PM. Workshops are provided by Lollapalooza and the funding will provide urban gardening education programs to at-risk students in low-income schools.

Friday: Gardening Basics

Do you know the delectable difference between tomatoes fresh from your own backyard/window-sill and the red things on the store shelf? Get in the growing game now with these basics for sustainable home food production.

Saturday: Urban Farming

If we can grow it in a truck, you can grow food anywhere! Learn how to transform your urban setting into a yummy beacon of sustainability, self-reliance, and deliciousness.

Sunday: Compost

If it stinks, youre not doing it right! Come and learn proper composting for your home or apartment so that you can start recycling our most valuable commodity, our soils nutrients!”


I’m expecting to learn how to do something like this!


via Green Street | Lollapalooza 2012 | August 3-5, 2012 : Grant Park : Chicago, IL.

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