Fresh Blueberry Pie Recipe from Betty Crocker

I really like to cook, but I am really not a cook.  What I mean is that I truly like finding new recipes (or attempting to create my own), but I don’t have a lot of experience cooking and baking.  My boyfriend recently spent some time with his father who was very enthusiastic about the blueberries that he had just picked from a local farm.  He happily handed over six cups of blueberries to my boyfriend, who in turn, handed them over to me to play with.  I began looking for blueberry pie recipes since I have never, EVER made a pie from scratch.  Well I am happy to report that as of today, that is no longer the case.  I made my first blueberry pie!  I didn’t go and buy graham cracker crust, nor the frozen prepared pie crusts.  I made my own!  I found this recipe from the Betty Crocker website, though I decided to add a little bit of my own touch.


Again, I never said that I was a food photographer, but it sure tastes great!


In the pie crust, instead of one of the tablespoons of water that it calls for, I used a tablespoon of almond extract to give it a little extra flavor.  I also substituted all of the sugar for the no-calorie alternative, Splenda.  On the top of the pie, I used a melted butter and Splenda mix to finish off the crust.

Fresh Blueberry Pie Recipe from Betty Crocker.

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