And That Is Why Being Stuck in a Traffic Jam is Wonderful

Hello, world!

This is new venture that I have decided to initiate that highlights various topics and also my personal endeavors.  Mostly, I started this new WordPress site because I lost my old one.  Yes, literally, my old blog is somewhere out there in cyberspace, floating around, unbeknownst to myself.  I wouldn’t say that I am digitally inept, though losing a few years worth of decent articles that I created leads me to wonder.

I’m a marketing communications and media specialist who has been in journalism, PR, marketing and media for about 10 years now.  Some of my favorite professional escapades were when I was reporting the news either on a local, regional or national level.  For a couple of years, I worked as a traffic anchor and reporter out of Chicago, providing information to upwards of around 50 radio and television stations across the midwest in cities such as Chicago, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, St. Louis, Indianapolis and Omaha.  In today’s world, we can do that.  The nostalgia of having a traffic reporter in a helicopter telling the public about everything going on in their city is long gone with the invention of GPS and satellite imagery.  Don’t get me wrong, we still need aircraft to verify this information and let us know exactly what is going on, though it is somewhat sad that we have lost those roots to our hometown.

I digress, though.  The point of me bringing up that part of my life has everything to do with the name that I earned and still love, Traffic Jam Jen.  In 2009, the radio personality, Rayne, from Radio Now in Indianapolis had given me that title while filling in for the permanent traffic reporter.  Soon, the station liked the way that I sounded and interacted, so they picked me up as their afternoon traffic personality.  Though neither Rayne nor I work for this station anymore, I have kept the title.

As you will come to see, I do a lot in my city and local community.  I volunteer with three non-profits at this point, though I have worked with countless charities since I have come into my adult years (or what I consider my adult years).  Many times, in fact daily, I will agonize over the destination and where I am going to end up.  I want to know the outcome of every situation, and what I can proactively do to make it positive.  Often, I must step back.  As I have learned through the past few years of being an ultrarunner, it’s not about the destination.  It’s about the climb to the top.  Life is all about the experience; the sights, sounds, and people you meet on the way to that destination.  Just merely getting to your end point means nothing if you have only that to show and remember.  The work that I do to help others who can’t so much help themselves makes my travels that much more worthwhile.  So I invite you, to sit back and not hate the traffic jam.  It was merely put in your way so that you can open your eyes, ears and mind while you enjoy the ride.

Geese in Germany cross a busy street.

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